TidyMister Telescopic Pool Pole 12FT Aluminum Extendable Stick Joint

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12 feet max


2.4 pounds




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Telescopic Design

The telescopic design of the pool pole allows it to be extended or retracted to different lengths. This feature is useful for reaching different parts of the pool, such as the deep end, or for adjusting the length of the pole for different cleaning tasks.

1.0mm Thickness

A thick pool pole can provide additional stability and strength when cleaning the pool, which can be useful for removing debris or algae from the walls or floor. It can also be beneficial for using heavy-duty attachments, such as vacuum heads or skimmers, which can put additional strain on the pole.

Easy to Connect

It fit all standard 1-1/4” and the easy to connect feature can be particularly useful for pool owners who need to switch between different cleaning attachments frequently, such as when using a skimmer net to remove debris, followed by a brush to scrub the pool walls. With an easy to connect pool pole, these attachments can be quickly and easily swapped out, saving time and effort during the cleaning process.

For Pool Net

For Pool Brush

For Pool Skimmer

For Pool Vacuum