TidyMister 4 Pcs 14 Inch Floating Pool Lights Solar Powered Waterproof Ball Shape

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Polyvinyl Chloride

Product Dimensions

12"L x 12"W x 12"H






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Amazing Backyard Decorative Light

  • 14 Inches
  • Solar powered
  • 6~8 hours charging
  • Work for 13~16 hours
  • Waterproof & Weather-resistant
  • Perfect party decoration

This inflatable light is totally power-free, it can be installed easily and without the need for wiring or electrical outlets. they are ultimately a cost-effective choice, as they require no ongoing electricity costs and can last for years without needing to be replaced.


This pool light made from waterproof material, can be directly put on the swimming pool and withstand the bad weather. Just like the guard protect your pool.

It is equipped with light sensors that automatically turn them on at dusk and off at dawn, which saves energy and eliminates the need for manual operation. Inflate it first, then put it under the sun for about 8 hours to be fully charged and it could work for 13 to 16 hours at night.


NOTE: Please don’t add water inside the ball, inflate it instead.


There is a hanging hole on the top, you can put these glow lights on the branches with the string, or any other place you like to put. It will definitely make your backyard more beautiful and colorful.

Please be noticed that if the whole light is covered by leaves or other things, then it could cause the lack of charging during the day and it will not glow for a lont time.

How To Use

The power button

Every light had been switched on before sent out from manufacturer, but the button may be hit and turn off by during transportation, so if your light doesn’t glow please try to press the button to switch on!

Air inflation

There is an air inlet on the light ball, please inflate it to suitable size (don’t be too big).

DO NOT INJECT WATER INTO THE BALL LIGHT, it may demage the solar panel inside. But if you purchased other shapes like moons or stars then please inject water through the water filling nozzle.

Finish the inflation

After you finish the inflate, don’t forget to plug the nozzle to prevent air leak. There is also a check valve design in the air inlet, so it’s not easy to deflate.

Solar charging

Please take the light outside for sunbathing, it will absorb the solar power and convert to electricity. (Cloudy weather cannot charge it!)

This solar powered light will automaticlly glow at night if it has already turned on, if not, please press the bottom switch to turn on. If still not, please leave messages to us.